Nano-Grip Institutional Non-Slip floor treatment kit
175.00 This un
ique treatment is not a coating that can wear off but a chemical process that creates a microscopic tread pattern on the mineral surface of floor tiles. This invisible tread actually makes the floors less slippery when wet than when it’s dry. Nano-Grip can bring slippery floor or ramp surfaces into compliance with standards set by OSHA and the ADA.

Kit includes 1 quart each of DeGreasall surface prep, Nano-Grip treading agent, and neutralizer.  These concentrated solutions will treat up to 2500 SqFt.  Will only work on mineral surfaces such as concrete,  ceramic,  porcelain and natural stone tiles. Will not work on wood, painted surfaces or fiberglass.



De-Grease All

Nano-Grip DeGreasall, commercial grade degreaser concentrate  1 Qt bottle 10.00 

DeGreasall is an industrial strength, water soluble, butyl solvent detergent degreaser, which incorporates advanced concepts in chemical soil removal. It will effectively remove a wide variety of soils common to industrial, institutional and commercial facilities including accumulations of grease, oil, dirt, food, and light rust stains. 

DeGreasall handles grease and grime with quick ease while assuring the removal of build-up not cleaned by normal cleaning procedures. Highly dilutable (up to 100:1). This product is very effective for both grease buildup and daily degreasing on commercial kitchen floors. 

Diluted to proper ratios DeGreasall is safe on most surfaces.  SDS available on request