Nano-Grip Non-Slip Floor Safety Solution

What is Nano-Grip?

Nano-Grip is our proprietary non-slip product used to help prevent dangerous and costly slip and fall accidents in businesses and homes. Nano-Grip is not a coating that can wear off, but a chemical process that creates a microscopic tread design on the mineral surface itself. Nano-Grip will not discolor or change the look of your floor, tile, bath tub or shower. Nano-Grip comes with a two year warranty on floors and is guaranteed for the life of your bath tub or shower.

Our Invisible Treatment Makes Floors “Safer Wet Than Dry”

Above you can see two tile surfaces at the microscopic level. The one on the left is untreated and has a very soft flowing surface. However, the tile on the right has been treated with Nano-Grip and the difference in the two tiles are obvious. The Nano-Grip treated tile surface is now broken up with tiny sharp peaks and short rugged valleys. These desired changes creates a very safe walking surface with shoes or without. The tiny sharp peaks grab and hold the shoe/foot in place while the downward pressure of walking or standing on the surface squeezes the water out of the shorter more rugged valleys creating a suction also holding the shoe/foot in place. That’s why we can say “Nano-Grip makes your floors safer wet than dry”.

Because Nano-Grip makes these improvements at the microscopic level it doesn’t change the look or feel of your floors. This makes Nano-Grip the perfect solution for any mineral type floor/surface, outdoor stone/brick paths, swimming pool borders and surroundings, finished concrete driveways and garages, porcelain bath tubs and mineral type shower floors.

Business Owners. Can You Afford a $50,000 Claim?

Avoid Litigation And Fines, Qualify For Tax Credit Protect Your Business, From Negligence Claims Lower Liability Insurance Premiums

Making Seniors Living Spaced Safe Against Slip and Fall Accidents

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