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Floor Safety Compliance

What is Nano-Grip?

Nano-Grip reduces the rist and danger of slips / falls and the resulting potential for injury, lawsuits, litigation costs and employee days lost. Nano-Grip can be used on almost all hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, polished stone, terrazzo river rock, concrete, quarry tile, porcelain and ename bathtubs & showers.

How is this possible?

Nano-Grip is not a coating that can wear off, but a chemical process that creates a tread design on the mineral surface itself without losing the look or feel of your flooring. Nano-Grip will not discolor or change the look of your floor, tile, tub or shower and is quick and easy to apply. Nano-Grip comes with a two year warranty on your floors and is guaranteed for the life of your tub or shower.

Do you need Nano-Grip?

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that all businesses must maintain their floors in slip proof condition. Failure to comply can result In HUGE fines, higher commercial insurance, Workmen’s Compensation costs, and needless injuries. Plus businesses are eligible for tax credits or deductions when Nano-Grip Is applied.

Who can benefit from Nano-Grip?

According to the National Safety Council there are over 9 million disabling slip/fall injuries every year. Fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals, malls, spas, pool decks, garages, country clubs, and public buildings are just some of the facilities that need to have Nano-Grip applied.

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90 Day Germ Protection

Nano-Shield is environmentally safe and can be applied to virtually any surface or fabric. The active ingredient creates a non-leaching, positively charged polymer that chemically bonds to treated surfaces, creating an anti-bacterial cleansed area lasting for up to 90 days not 90 minutes.


Nano-Shield is a revolutionary patented anti-microbial solution and is very easy to apply using simple sprayers, electric foggers, or just with an impregnated cloth. The nano-technology starts to work as soon as the treated surface dries {3-5 minutes}. When the micro-organism comes into contact with the treated surface it is pulled onto the carbon spears and once the cell wall is pierced it is shocked and the cell is killed. Nano-Shield then works consistently to lower the bio-burden. Since nothing is transferred to the cell the application is not diminished and so it carries on protecting against microbial activity.

Nano-Shield has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long history of safe use. Once applied you have an extra layer of protection that works between cleanings and makes all surfaces that are treated easier to clean and keeps them cleaner and fresher and enhances even the most meticulous cleaning protocols and procedures. it provides an effective barrier which gives anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast protection.

How it works

When a micro-organism mm in contact with the treated surface, the carbon spears punctures the cell membrane and an electrical charge shocks the cell, since nothing is transferred to the now dead cell. Nano-Shield doesn’t lose strength and stands ready to destroy the next micro-organism cell. There is no risk of cell mutation or build up of resistance.

Unique technology

The technology employed is entirely unique to all other antimicrobial products. This is a nano surface protectant that inhibits microbial growth on all applied surfaces. It accomplishes this without the use of poisons, phenols, triclosans, alcohols or heavy metals. It is easily applied to most surfaces to protect them from microbial growth. Tested, long acting, non-leaching technology.

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Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Solutions

Nano-Clean is the pioneer in acoustical ceiling cleaning, and related ceiling maintenance. We have extensive experience serving many Fortune 500 companies across the United States. As an alternative to painting, coating or replacing, our process retains the acoustical characteristics and fire retardant nature of your ceiling while saving you up to 90% over the cost of replacement. Our operators work around your schedule so there is virtually no disruption to your company’s normal business cycle or schedule.

Ceiling & wall cleaning solutions / detergents

  • Non-toxic, nonflammable, detergent based
  • Safe for use around carpets, fabrics, and finishes
  • Do not alter the ceiling tiles fire rating
  • Restore acoustical value and light reflective qualities
  • Remove odors and do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, or solvents
  • Sanitize as they clean, and eradicate bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi
  • USDA approved, OSHA 1910.1000 compliant

Clean ceiling and wall surfaces of all types

  • Acoustical tile
  • Wood, metal, vinyl, concrete
  • Suspended and drop ceilings
  • Vinyl tile, painted plaster & drywall
  • Blown-sprayed stucco
  • Ceiling vents & air diffusers, light & lens panels
  • Wallpaper, ceramic tile, fireplace facades & hearths
  • Building exteriors (brick, block, cement, wooden decks)
  • Awnings (canvas & aluminium)
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