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Norovirus closes gymnastics facility


The Norwalk virus is the best known of the norovirus group, which affect the human gastrointestinal system. Outbreaks of the Norwalk virus usually occur where a large number of people are confined to a relatively small space. Outbreaks can occur anywhere contaminated drinking water or swimming water exist, and are known to affect camps, cruise ships, schools and nursing homes.

A gymnastics facility in Langley, B.C., is closed this weekend after a number of users became ill with what appears to be a Norwalk-like virus.

In a letter sent to the facility’s users and visitors early Saturday morning, the board of the Langley Gymnastics Foundation, whose gym is located at 7888 200th Street, said “in the last 24 hours, a serious gastroenteritis outbreak has occurred at LGF with a strong possibility that it may be Norwalk.”

The Norwalk virus is easily spread, and is the best-known of the norovirus group. It can be passed on up to 48 hours after symptoms disappear.

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