Environmentally Safe Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration

As an alternative to painting, coating or replacing, our process retains the acoustical characteristics and fire retardant nature of your ceiling while saving you up to 90% over the cost of replacement. Our operators work around your schedule so there is virtually no disruption to your company’s normal business cycle or schedule

Nano-Clean Gets Amazing Results

Our Proprietary Nano-Clean Solution

  • Is non-toxic, detergent based, hydrogen peroxide activated
  • Is safe for use around carpets, fabrics, and finishes
  • Restores acoustical value and light reflective qualities
  • Removes odors and do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, or solvents
  • Sanitizes as they clean, and eradicate bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi
  • Will preserve the ceiling tiles fire rating

Most Work Completed In 1 Night

Every type of commercial business, government buildings, schools, sports facilities, hotels and restaurants just to mention a few need our service but most don’t realize their acoustic ceilings can be cleaned. Yes, they can be cleaned, sanitized and made to look new again. We also work around our customers schedule most of the time getting the work done at night causing no disruption to the business.

Our mission is to make corporate restaurant chains, multi-franchise store owners and the awesome mom and pop pizza restaurant down the street aware of our ceiling cleaning service which will save them 70% over painting and 90% over replacing their old ceiling.

Additional Services Offered By Our Operators

  • Replace Old Grid With New Vinyl Grid Cover
  • Replace Vents With Non Corroding Plastic
  • Replace Damaged Tiles
  • Light Lenses Renewed
  • High Dusting Service

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