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Are scrubs making sick patients sicker?

Traditional liquid disinfectants are not EPA approved for use on fabrics or other soft surfaces. The biostatic component in the Nano-Shield two stage system is EPA certified for laundry on its label. Treating fabrics of any kind with Nano-Shield will impart antimicrobial properties for 50 or more launderings. Treating scrubs and other healthcare uniforms not…

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Workplace illness costs business $277 Billion annually according to report

The Nano-Shield antimicrobial system is a two step strategy for the prevention of the spread of illnesses due to cross contamination in business, medical, hospitality, school, and gym settings. The targeted surfaces are disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant prior to being treated with a long term antimicrobial barrier which creates a hostile environment which…

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Infection control doesn’t cost, it pays.

I recently came across this article in Healthcare Business News. It was written by Denise Murphy and looks at infection prevention from the financial, or business side of the hospital industry. It points out that due to new riembursement protocols put into effect under the Affordable Care Act HAI's (hospital aquired infections), 70% of which…

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Dangerous germs found on most hospital paperwork/charts

February 26 — A hospital study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE indicates that paper medical charts may carry germs that can cause patient infections, according to The Examiner. The study covered 681 hospital wards, including medical, surgical, pediatric and obstetric-gynecologic wards, along with corresponding special units like intensive care, the article stated. According…

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Bacteria and other microbes lurk everywhere

You’re not being paranoid – there are disease-causing bacteria and viruses on just about every surface you touch: at the office, supermarket, gym, even your own home! But if you avoid coming into contact with germy objects and get smart about cleaning, you can reduce your risk of getting the flu virus or something more…

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Are your co-workers making you sick?

Fourth Annual Staples Survey Shows Alarming Increase in Sick People Coming to Work Contagious, Despite Knowing How to Try to Prevent the Flu Staples offers products, tips to help employers and employees through flu season FRAMINGHAM, MA — Nearly 90 percent of office workers come to work even when they know they are sick, according…

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