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Category: Nanoconcepts

The snot-spattered experiments that show how far sneezes really spread

From the Journal NATURE May 31 GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE, NANO-SHIELD OFFERS CONTINUAL PROTECTION. The snot-spattered experiments that show how far sneezes really spread Mathematician Lydia Bourouiba uses high-speed video to break down the anatomy of sneezes and coughs — and to understand infectious disease. The physics of the sneeze Lydia Bourouiba’s lab uses slow-motion footage…

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Controlling the Spread of Germs in Restrooms

This article appears in the Sept 1 issue of Claning and Maintenance management Magazine.By Rosie D Lyles The Nano-Shield Antimicrobial System is 99.99% effective against all of the microbes discussed in this article. We offer the answer to both health and aesthetic issues related to public restroom maintenance. Cleaning for Health in Public Restrooms In…

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Global Market Study on HAIs Control: Cleaning and Sterilization to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

The Nano-Shield Antimicrobial System represents the cutting edge of antimicrobial technology and can provide any surface with long lasting protection from the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. The Nano-shield Antimicrobial System achieves this goal by providing both biocidal and biostatic activity, killing germs and then inhibiting their regrowth. Strong, immediate germ eradication and…

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Infection Control Market worth $16.7 Billion by 2020

  The Nano-Shield antimicrobial system represents the best available technology for microbial control on both porous and nonporous surfaces. Serving every industry from healthcare to daycare we are positioned to take advantage of the exploding infection control market. For a referral to the nearest Nano-Shield applicator call 1-855-687-0976, The report “Infection Control Market by Disinfection…

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Towels Top the Kitchen Contamination Hazards List

  From the March 19 issue of the online publication infection control today The article featured below is the product of research carried out at Kansas State University where scientists study food handling safety. The study details how pathogens are spread in a kitchen environment, commercial or home, in spite of people being educated about…

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MRSA can persist in a home for over eight years, according to new study

Nano-Shield provides 24/7 protection from microbes, including MRSA, on all treated surfaces reducing or eliminating the threat of cross contamination. MRSA Can Linger in Homes, Spreading Among its Inhabitants Source: American Society for Microbiology Households can serve as a reservoir for transmitting methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to a study published this week in mBio®,…

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Nearly half a million Americans suffer from C. difficile infections in single year

Press Release Embargoed until: Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 5:00 pm ET Nearly half a million Americans suffered from Clostridium difficile infections in a single year More than 100,000 of these infections developed among residents of U.S. nursing homes Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) caused almost half a million infections among patients in the United States in…

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Presidents budget for combating “superbugs” doubles for 2016

  President Obama Doubles Down on the Fight against Superbugs By Greg Pond, January 30, 2015 Calling antibiotic resistance “one of the most pressing public health issues facing the world today,” the President’s FY 2016 Budget, announced Tuesday, proposes an historic investment – almost doubling the current budget to an unprecedented $1.2 billion – to…

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Cleaning tips to stop germ spread and cross-contamination

The Nano-Shield two part antimicrobial system consists of a hospital grade quaternary ammonium disinfectant, and a silicone quaternary ammonium salt biocide which will kill 99.99% of microbes, and inhibit their re-growth for up to 90 days on treated surfaces. This makes it a perfect answer for sanitizing tables, menus, condiment bottles, chairs and every other…

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